You fell off the potty?!?

This post was a long time coming….

This year my youngest daughter was starting the 3 year old class. It was very important that she was completely potty trained prior to the start of school. So in true Shonte tradition we did a last minute push to be potty trained before the first day of school.

She was doing very well. Not many accidents, but I wasn’t still 100% convinced that we were in the clear. We even did a couple of practice trips at Open House, so she would know how to get to the bathroom, lock the door and wash her hands ALL BY HERSELF!

When I dropped her off I said “make sure you tell your teacher as soon as you have to go potty.” “Yes, MOM, I know.” she replied.

When I went to pick her up, her teacher said “Well we had a little accident today….”. I quickly looked at her and noticed she was still wearing her school clothes. I figured if she had an accident then she would be in her ‘back-up’ clothes. I must have looked puzzled, because the teacher continued…”well, she fell off the potty.” I was like….huh? “she fell of the potty?!?” “Yes, she was on the BIG potty and went to slide off and fell off and hit her head on the floor.”

:( Aw, now I was worried. “Honey let me see your head…” Sure enough right on her forehead was giant knot. She fell right off the toilet and hit her head.

Only my child….

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