Why do the Detox?

Published by admin on March 4th, 2013 - in Detox

Why do I want to do this?

I don’t have the best diet or eating habits. I eat only when I have the time. 99% of the time breakfast consists of coffee. 1 cup mostly but if I’m lucky it will be 2 cups :)

I needed something to get rid of all the toxins in my body, something to ‘control, alt, delete’ my system and make it want to eat cleaner.  I need a detox from sugars, caffeine and mostly alcohol.

It all started when I gave up soda for Lent. I only recently realized how much better I feel not drinking a diet coke or coke zero once a day. I started to think about it even more when in Micheal’s the other day a lady asked my daughter (who was wearing her Catholic school uniform) what she gave up for Lent. When my daughter said “Soda” the lady then informed us of all the poisons in soda and the sugars.  Yes, part of me was like “OK Crazy woman….” but then I started to wonder what other types of “poisons” was I putting in my body.

Now don’t worry, I”m not going all reformed dietician here nor am I going Vegan or Vegetarian.  I just want something to jump start better eating habits for myself.

They say the more you eat salt, sugars, alcohol and fat; the more your body ‘craves’ it. I want to end that!

I honestly feel good about my decision to Juice. I even got a new 24oz Turvis Tumbler for my five day juices.  I am a little nervous about what to eat AFTER the reboot, but I have a good idea of what a good diet can consist of.

Today I made my vegetable and fruit list and got everything I need from Publix (with the exception of basil and fennel bulb). I really really didn’t want to step foot into a grocery store while on the detox (too many temptations, etc) so I tried to plan out ALL my juices at once. Unfortunately Publix did not know of my decision and was not appropriately stocked LOL. Oh well, I will test my will power and I know I will survive.

Check back tomorrow to see how my Day 1- Detox actually went :)

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