Things we learned in DC

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After almost every vacation, you look back and say “If only we knew about this…..” or “If we had planned better. Well here is a list of things we learned on our recent trip to Washington DC.

1. There is ALOT of walking. Even if you are taking the metro everywhere (like we did) you still have to walk to and from the Metro Stations. Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes.

2. Most free monuments and even some paid museums only distribute a certain number of daily tickets. Things like the Washington Monument and Fords Theater (for example) require you to be in line for ticket distribution by 8:30am. Most lines start around 7:30am and will wrap around buildings, so plan accordingly.

3. The best place to get souvenirs are at the street vendors and they are all by the National Mall, in front of the museums. We got everything from NCIS hats, to Washington DC purses, to Minecraft shirts and even small glass Washington Monument statue.

4. Download and use Google Maps. There is a metro setting and you can get directions to any place and it will give you options of which train or bus to take. It will detail right down to the minute that the train departs and arrives so you can pick exactly which route you want. This is a BIG blessing!!

5. Take your phone charger with you. Since we were staying in Dupont Circle, we didn’t make it back to the hotel every day, so I carried my phone charger with me. There were outlets everywhere; cafeterias in the museums, restaurants and lobbys. This is extremely helpful if you are using Google Maps to navigate everywhere LOL

6. Last but most important…. Contact your Senator or Congressmen at least 3-4 months before your trip. They can help setup tours for the White House, Pentagon, Capitol, Printing and Engraving Bureau and the Library of Congress. But some tours take longer to setup (White House for example) and some tours are booked for several months. Our Congressman was able to setup a tour for us at the Capitol and we even got admission to the Gallery’s for the Senate and House of Representatives, which were both in session. It was such a great experience to see it all. The Capitol is an amazing place, so be sure to visit there.

Hope this helps! These are just a few of the things we learned.

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