Tax-man: Candy style

So this Halloween we were sitting around the table eating dinner when my 9 year daughter and her friend ask who is taking them trick or treating. My husband says that the daddy’s are (my husband and our friend). HOWEVER, there would be a tax on the candy.

This actually turned into a good ‘tax’ lesson as we explained that we would need a percentage of the candy they got as their tax for taking them. They thought of every excuse in the book down to kicking and screaming. We told them it didn’t work for us around April 15th, wouldn’t work for them.

They said they just weren’t going to pay the tax. We told them if they didn’t pay then they would have to pay their share PLUS penalties and interest.

They tried negotiating! We said sorry, the tax limit was set by the Halloween administration that was in effect last year.

Finally my daughter turns to her friend and says “Here’s the plan. We collect a million pieces of candy. I heard there are tax breaks for millionaires.”

LOL- At least I know she listening to all the political talk….

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