Summer Camps

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Summer Camps. Heaven. For me and the girls.

10513261_10204304491280978_289454762254082162_nAt first I enrolled my kids in camp so that they wouldn’t be sitting around home all day or so we wouldn’t be out “keeping busy” and spending too much money. And in an effort to keep my sanity, I enrolled each girl into a different camp each week. So only one camp per week. Except VBS, we ALL went to camp LOL.

I have found it to be so much more than them spending all day playing soccer or singing “Let it Go” at Frozen Dance camp. It has been a time for me to bond with my girls individually. First M went to soccer camp, K and I went to breakfast one day, swam in the pool, took my grandma to Costco, got pedicures and manicures and spent numerous hours laughing and joking.

Now K is at dance camp. M and I went to lunch, browsed book stores, went shopping at the mall, planned a vacation, went to Mass and bonded like no other tween and her mom could do. I have so enjoyed my time individually with my girls and I know that they feel the same way. I don’t have much time with them alone and this summer has been a way for us to see how important we are in each others lives. The most amazing part of this summer, is all the memories we are making!

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