Small, Summer parties

Published by Mom on June 23rd, 2009 - in Party Planning

If you are like me, the summer is the worst time of the year! Here in Florida, today the heat index is 106 degrees….106!!  

So… during summer break its hard to find good activities INSIDE and AWAY from the heat, but also to amuse the kids.  Thats when I decided to host a Movie and snack party for a bunch of 5 year olds.  Its indoors, cool and the kids spend some time with their friends.

Its quite a simple little party. We had invited 6 kids, of which 5 showed up. We had some pizza (bought at our local Sams club) and some popcorn (from our local Publix).  We looked through our movie collection and decided on Kung Fu Panda.  After the kids ate Pizza, we laid out a blanket, turned the movie up REALLY LOUD and turned off the lights. To my amazement, the kids actually sat still, ate their popcorn and watched the movie ALL the way until the big fight scene at the end…

…then they tried to kung fu each other!!

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