Shoutout to the Man I LOVE!

Here’s a quick shout out to my husband, Tom.  This past weekend he took me to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. I had the opportunity to go last year with my sister and kids and we had so much fun. I wanted to share that with him, but I also knew it wasn’t really his cup of tea (he’s more of a coffee drinker).

Let me count the ways on why he wouldn’t enjoy it as much as me:

1. You have to wait in line to get food.

2. You have to eat standing up (if you are lucky to get a table- HOLD ON TO IT ALL NIGHT)

3. You and your closest 1 million friends all want to be at the Ireland kiosk at the same time.

4. You need a second mortgage to drink as much beer and wine as you want to wash away numbers 1-3.

But above all, he loves me and he took me (sans kids) so we could go enjoy ourselves and because he knew I wanted to go to the festival! What a great husband and I love him lots!

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