Picking my battles…..

A long time ago, when I only had one kid to battle with, she had insisted on wearing a Snow White dress to my sisters college graduation. It was my fault, after all. I told her that she was going to get all pretty like a princess. Apparently, she went through her “princess” collection and decided on Snow White. When I was arguing with my 3 year old (now 11 year old) about changing her outfit, a little saying came to mind.

Pick your battles.

Well, in all honesty, this was a battle that really didn’t need to be fought. So I gave in and let her wear it. Of course, she was the cutest thing there and EVERYONE loved it. I just kept saying “Pick your battles, people. Pick your battles”.

Well yesterday I had to relive that moment, when my (now) 6 year old insisted on wearing a soccer jersey and soccer cleats (2 sizes too big, mind you) to her older sisters soccer practice. Of course, we had a few errands on the way, which included a trip to Best Buy. My oldest said she needed to go to the bathroom so I told her to take her sister. They both came running back and Kaili (my 6 year old) tripped. And. Fell. In her too big cleats. She kept complaining whenever she stepped on it saying how much she hurt. I used this moment as a “teachable” moment to teach her: 1. DO NOT RUN IN THE STORE 2. You should wear shoes that fit 3. Always listen to your mother.

photoWhen we got to soccer practice, Kaili had taken off her shoes. She said she just wanted to sit and watch soccer practice. I said I would carry her since she had no shoes. When I got her and put her in the back of the truck, her ankle was a big as a balloon. Of course, I took her to Centra Care so they could tell me she sprained her ankle. So right now she is on the R.I.C.E. plan…..

Man, it is tough to keep a 6 year old down.


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