Oh the things they say…..

My little Kaili Bug is celebrating her 5th birthday next week Thursday. Normally we don’t do a summer birthday party because there are so many variables with friends traveling or have guests, etc. However this year Kaili really wanted to have a party with her friends from VPK before she goes off to another school for Kindergarten.  She really (really, really, really) wanted to have a Build A Bear party. Which is actually pretty reasonable, saying what I usually spend for a party at home between food, games, bounce houses, prizes and decorations!

So we put together our guest list and called all the food court restaurants that partner with Build A Bear to finalize our party. With all the party talk, Kaili asked me “Mom, did anyone else refuse my birthday party?” I said “Oh, honey, its not refuse its RSVP!!” She laughs “Oh, thank goodness, I thought they were refusing to come”. LOL. Thats my little girl :)


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