Middle School Dances

My oldest daughter started middle school last week. We have all been very anxious about what middle school brings (I don’t want my baby to grow up too fast). One of the BIG things in the 6th grade is the introduction of school dances. She doesn’t seem like she wants to show how excited she is about it, but I know she is.

The other day at dinner M and Tom had the following conversation:

M: “I heard that the DJ is really loud at school dances.”

Tom: “Dances?!?! (acts surprised) geez when do these start?”

M: “I think in like 2 weeks.”

Tom: “So what goes on at these dances.”

M: “Well my friends and I will probably all stand on the side of the room.”

Yup. That is probably exactly what will happen. Her daddy couldn’t have been prouder.

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