Its that time of year again….

Published by admin on August 8th, 2011 - in All that other Stuff


In our house, getting ready for back to school is not about pencils, paper and notebooks. Its not about new clothes, tennis shoes or backpacks. Getting ready for school for us, is making sure we go to bed on time and wake up on time.

The first week of school is already a transition, so why add more stress by being tired. Since I was in high school, I would always take the week before the first week of school and “practice” getting up early, getting out on time, eating breakfast and getting to bed on time. This way by the time school really started I would be ready.

Well I implemented this type of thinking into my kids. Sunday officially kicked off PRACTICE week for our house. The kids were absolutely thrilled…NOT! But they did set their alarms and was up bright and early this morning.

Since they were up early, I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that they will be tired enough to hit the beds early tonight (oh yeah, means I gotta make dinner earlier now..sigh).

With the past three months of summer vacation, they have perfected the art of sleeping in and staying up late. This week will have to transform them back into my cute little sleeping angels!

We shall see how tonight goes, but here’s to hoping its all good!

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