I declare this "Practice Week"

Published by Mom on August 3rd, 2010 - in School Stories

Its so sad, but our summer vacation is coming to a close. We have approximately 12 days (including weekends) left until school begins for my oldest and 20 days for my 2 year old . On Monday, I officially declared this week “Practice Week”.

I started Practice Week way back when I was in high school when I would take the week before school started and got up on time and practiced my morning routine to make sure I would be on time. I would even do Practice Week(s) for basketball conditioning (I played during high school). Every year the season would begin in October and we would have team conditioning, where we would run and “get in shape” prior to try-outs. I would start 2 weeks prior to team conditioning and wake up (even earlier) and run a mile every morning. This way when it came time to condition, I would already be two steps ahead. I know what you are thinking now.. could I get any more OCD?!

So, Practice Week for our family is when we try (very hard) to get back on our schedule. Although I haven’t actually gotten up when I needed to, I have practiced leaving work on time (hasn’t happened yet, but I believe it will soon), getting to the gym, making dinner, feeding my girls, getting baths and going to bed on time (for them, I haven’t quite succeeded in that..yet). So far we doing great (besides me leaving work on time, getting up on time and going to bed on time)! Tonight we were able to get to bed 15 minutes earlier than last night! Yay us!

So by my calculations, we should be getting everything done and going to bed on time by November 7th! Just kidding….one week in school for my 7 and 2 year old and they will be whipped and tired by 7:45. This I am sure of!

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