How much does she weigh?!?!?

Published by Mom on September 18th, 2008 - in Baby Stories

A day before our 5 year wellness visit (see prior post). I had called my pediatrician about my 7 week old daughter who was coughing and vomiting alot. Because of her age they wanted to see her that day and asked how long it would take me to get there.

“Around 10:30.. I guess. I’m feeding her now and can leave once we are finished” I said. “Ok we will see you then”. Dangit, I thought, now I have to rush.

We finished the bottle, changed our diaper and packed our diaper bag (Coach no doubt) and headed to the doctors office.

They took us immediately and asked me all the questions like; “whats the symptoms”, “how many diapers does she go through”, etc.  I answered them all and said I was concerned because her belly is really big. (as a sidenote you should know that my husband calls her “double stuff” because of the amount that she eats. Her new motto is “I’m awake, Feed me!”).

I had guesstimated that she weighed around 9.5 lbs at this visit. She was 7lbs 4oz at birth, 6lbs 14oz when we left the hospital and 8lbs 6oz at her 2 week visit. I know (now) that 5 weeks had passed since her 2 week visit and it was probably very insane to think that she was ONLY 9.5 lbs! When the nurse went to weigh her she put it on the 9lbs, “Oh no I’m sure she weighs more than that” I said. She moved it to 11; ha I thought no way, must be a newbie. Man was I wrong! 11 lbs and 5oz! Holy Crap! What was I feeding my child.

The doctor came in and basically said that physically she was perfectly healthy. It would appear that the cough, the vomiting, etc; was a result of overfeeding. So there it was! I was overfeeding my daughter. She looked so big and gained so much weight because I kept feeding her. He said because of her weight that she should not go over a certain number of ounces a day.

Because of that, I started a feeding log to record every time and amount of formula that I gave my double stuff, I mean my daughter, to make sure that I’m not over feeding her. Since becoming aware of the amount of her eating I will admit that her spitting up and fussiness has decreased tremendously.

At least I know now!

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