guest post: how to tell your nieces you are moving.

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So my sister is moving to Kansas with her boyfriend and she was really nervous to tell my two girls. She actually wanted ME to do her dirty work. I said no and told her that she should take them out to dinner to bribe them LOL. Here is her story. When she told me all of this, I asked her if she Googled “how to tell kids you are moving” because it sounded like something she had read. She said NO, but now I want to share my story. There are some really great ideas on how to handle this type of news, so we decided to have a guest post. Enjoy :)


Guest Blog by M

I am entering to the final 6 month stretch of my 20’s and I am excited to announce that I have a lot of exciting and new adventures coming up in my life. Recently, my boyfriend accepted an amazing job offer out of state and we have made the decision to relocate. This is a big deal for me as I am, what some would consider, a late bloomer. About a year and a half ago, I finally moved out of my parents house that I grew up in for 28 years and moved 30 miles away to live with my boyfriend. Whoa, 30 miles was a big deal but luckily I still see and talk to my parents everyday. Now, a year and half after, what I thought was, the biggest move of my life…I am moving nearly 1300 miles away. I am hesitant, to say the least. I will be leaving my nuclear family whom I see several times as week and speak with on a daily basis. I will be leaving my job that I have been at for over 8 years AND leaving my brother-in-law & sister (AKA the best bosses ever). This is a big deal.

I knew I had to be delicate about informing all of my family members about our plans and our move but I was extremely nervous about telling my two nieces. I have been apart of their lives on a regular basis and I was afraid how they would take the news. What if they get upset? That would make me feel horrible for leaving. What if they didn’t really care? That would make me feel like I don’t even have an influence on them. I knew this had to be taken care of in a very delicate manner.

My sister suggested that I take them out to dinner. Lucky for me, my youngest niece loves the local mexican joint and so I figured I could get a glass of liquid courage as I told them my news.

I have to be honest, I was nervous. I took two big gulps of my margarita and looked at my boyfriend like “ok, you start,” to which he gave me “nope, I am not going to be the bad guy here…you start” look. I have never been this nervous in my life. It was as if I was about to walk in front of a million people and deliver the most important speech of my life. And so here is how that went:

Me: So……we need to talk. 

K: About presents?

Me: No. I have some exciting news. 

M: About Christmas?

Me: No…..Anthony & I are moving! [sort of smiling, but actually sobbing my eyes out]. 

K: Yea, we know. 

Me: What?!? How?!?

K: Mom told us that you might be moving. 

Me: Impossible. 

M: Uh, I didn’t know about this and I am the one who knows about everything before it happens. 

K: Yes, mom said that you guys might move one day. 

Me: Ok, she is right. But just so you know, we are moving far away. Out of state. 

M: Ugh, you are moving too [she is referencing the fact that my other sister just moved out of state a year ago]. 

Me: Yes, but it is a good thing. 

K: [gives me sad pouty lips] So, will you be here for Christmas?

Me: Yes! I don’t leave until February. 

K: What about next Christmas?

Me: Yes!

K: Thanksgiving?

Me: Yes!

K: Children’s Day?

Me: [Looking at M very perplexed] What is Children’s Day?

K: I don’t know but I feel like there should be one. March 23rd. You can send us gifts. 

Me: Ok, I like that….what about me?

M: You can  have a “Bobo Day”. August 1. It’s after school but before school. We can send you gifts. 

Me: OK, this sounds good. 

[At some point during this I have showed them where the state is, answered questions etc. ]

Me: Ok, so I need two big favors from you! First, say LOTS of prayers for me. I am really scared. 

K: If you are afraid then why are you moving?

Me: Sometimes you have to do things that you are afraid of. 

K: Like Tower of Terror?

Me: Ummm, which you chickened out on last weekend?!?!

K: But, if you move will you enter into the Twilight Zone?

Me: NO! That is fake. There is no Twilight Zone in the state I am moving to!….Second thing, I need you to convince your mommy & daddy to come visit me on a regular basis. I will visit you guys but you could come visit us too. 

M: What does your house look like?

Me: Well, we haven’t picked out a house yet. We just found out a week ago; we don’t know where we are moving yet. 

M: [In all of her sarcastic glory] Good plan!

Me: I do know that we will have 3-4 bedrooms and a basement. 

M: Basement? Like a wine cellar?

Me: No, not so much like a wine cellar. 

M: If you made a wine cellar than mom will certainly come visit you. Just saying. I mean, you asked that we help you out, so you help us out. You get the wine cellar, I will get mom to your house. 

Enough said. After this blog, I start my wine cellar plans for the home that we don’t even have yet! :)

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