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Call me crazy. Because I am.

I have decided to embark on a 3 day detox consisting of juicing ONLY. Only fruits and vegetables for three days. No sugars, no salt, no caffeine and most importantly NO WINE. When I told my dad about my newest venture, he asked if my juicing consisted of ONLY fermented grapes (yes, that is how much I love my wine).

It took me about a week to convince myself (well my husband and sister had to help) that I could actually do this.  I have been wanting to do some kind of cleanse for a while now but I never had the courage to actually go through with it. Always had some kind of excuse like “Oh I don’t like fish and there is salmon for dinner on day 1″ or “I can’t do it this week because I am supposed to have my family over for my sisters birthday dinner….” etc. There was always an excuse.

It wasn’t until last weekend when one of my Facebook friends say he was interested in a detox program and wanted some recommendations. I looked at all the comments and then Googled them to see which one looked appealing to me.  Someone mentioned the Reboot with Joe program. So I Googled it. I was intrigued that there was a 3 day detox program that consisted solely on juicing of fruits and vegetables. I thought, “Hell I can do this”. But can I?

I thought, “how can I have a 16oz juice for dinner while my 2 kids and husband are sitting next to me chowing down on chicken”.  “How can I make lunches for my girls when I am starving ass hungry?” “How can I sit at home by myself when there are Girl Scout cookies left alone in my pantry possibly calling my name?”

After some convincing, I finally decided to go through with it. I picked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to carry out my plan because those days I can concentrate on myself the most.  I am to eat FIVE 16oz juices each day. The plan has pre-made recipes that I can follow. You should have more fruits in the AM for the natural energy and sugars and then taper off to mostly vegetables in the afternoon and evening.

I even got a new juicer and 7lbs of oranges for my new venture. If it all works out, I can continue on other plans for 5 days, 10 days, 15 days or even 30 days.  Just depends on how I am feeling.

We tested the new juicer this morning with some fresh OJ for the entire family. I have to say it was so damn good! It didn’t taste overly sugary like store bought nor was it so acidic and give me heartburn.  My kids loved it and asked for more! I admit that it relieved me so much because now I have hope that my juice recipes will be just as good.

I plan to keep you updated on my progress.  So check back for some new insight on this new (scary) adventure in my life!!

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