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Need. Rest. Sleep. Now.

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You know how I know summer vacation is coming to an end? Because all my commitments are starting to come out of the woodwork.

I’ll admit, I got quite comfortable with sleeping in until 7:30, driving a kid to camp, coming home, doing some work, getting a pedicure, going for a swim or reading a book. Now that’s not all I did, I also did work. But I had no volunteer or major work commitments!

Today was an exception, however, this exception has made me so tired. Today I went to Downtown Orlando with the character of one of our companies, Captain Content. We wanted to get some video and pictures of him in and around Downtown Orlando. It was a great time…. however, brilliance takes time LOL. If he wasn’t so darn HOT in the costume, I could have stayed out all day.


Once we got back to the office, I didn’t have the right cable for my camera so I had to go home to download the photos. Getting home around 2:25pm, I realized that K was having her dance camp summer recital at 3pm. I had just enough time to download the videos, burn the cd and RUN (not walk) out the door. I made it to the recital a little late. I only missed the first song.

THEN….. my dad asked if the girls wanted to come over and go swimming with him. I said “Yes!!!! I’ll drop them off before I go back to the office.” So thankful that my parents are so flexible. I dropped off both kids to go swimming and then headed to work. This was the first time in a few months that I had such a busy, funfilled packed day. I don’t usually run from one appointment to the next until school starts. Guess its starting a little early this year… sigh.

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A Trait I didn’t want to pass on.

I could be all wrong. After all, when you try to diagnose or analyze yourself, you tend to think only what you want to believe.

I believe that I try to be the strongest person I can be. I can’t ever let anyone see me sad, hurt, disappointed, overwhelmed. I take it all and bottle it up and when I burst, I do it in the confines of my own personal space. Now maybe I have “believed” my astronomical sign for too many years. I am a Cancer and everything says that Cancer Crabs are like hermit crabs. We hole up in our shell.

I didn’t think I had handed down this trait to my children, until this past Thursday. We came home late from dinner and my oldest daughter came out and said that Phineas (her fish) had died. He was so big he sank instead of floating.  She came out and then went back into her room. A few minutes later I had asked her if she fed the dog (one of her daily chores). She came out and said “Oops not yet”. Her eyes were teary and she pretended like she was yawning. She said “Ohhh I just can’t stop yawning”. It wasn’t until I looked at her and she had looked like she had been crying. At that point I recognized the signs (after all, I do think I invented them). I said “Honey, are you ok?” At that point she looked at me and just lost it. She was really upset because she had this fish for 5 years.  This was one of her first experiences with death so I wanted to make sure I was there for her.

I will admit, I bothered me a little bit to see how she hid her emotions. I worry that one day I might miss the signs and not see that she is hurting. I do it all the time and unfortunately I think its a huge curse. One day my “bottled” up emotions could burst me and I can POP. I guess only time will tell.

Finally….. A Sense of Belonging

I never knew I felt lost, until I felt like I belonged.

Let me start at the beginning:

We are a Catholic family. My husband grew up in the religion. Always going to Church, having Priests over for dinner, going to Catholic school. I, on the other hand, didn’t even receive my First Communion until I was 15!  And then I didn’t get Confirmed until I was 17.

My husband and I met at a Catholic retreat center while working for their summer camp. We got married within the Catholic Church. Were we practicing Catholics? At this point, I would say NO.

It wasn’t really until we wanted to get our second daughter baptized that we “had” to be practicing Catholics. At that time, the Church we belonged to made us go to baptism classes and wouldn’t allow us to have our daughter baptized until we had been members of the Church for at least 6 months.  We joined the Catholic Church that was closest to our house. We enrolled in Baptism classes and registered our first daughter in Religious Education Classes.  Our second daughter was Baptized and our first daughter received her First Communion at this Church.

It wasn’t until we had an off week of Religious Education that my husband said we needed to go shopping for a new church. We had two other choices, both of which would be a little bit of a drive. Knowing that a Pastor had moved back to my childhood parish I chose that we “try” a Church in Altamonte Springs. We went to ONE Mass and everything drew us to the Church; the energy, the friendliness, the people. That next week we registered with that Parish and moved our kids to their Religious Education program. This was in December.

We faithfully (pun intended) went to Church each weekend. We went because we enjoyed going. We loved the Pastor, the energy and (again) the people.  It was in March of the following year that we considered moving our daughter to the Parish School in hopes of a more challenging education for her.  We applied and was accepted in May 2012. At this time, I still did not know how lost I felt.

Our oldest started at the Parish school in August 2012 and we continued to attend Mass every weekend. It really didn’t hit me until August 2013 (after our youngest started Kindergarten at the school) that I finally felt that sense of belonging. It is an amazing feeling when you go to Mass and see your friends; when your kids see their friends and they wave, talk and ask to sit with them at Church; when you can be walking around the campus and always see a smiling face; when your Pastor comes to you and knows every ones name.

Now it seems that whenever I set foot in the school or the Church, I feel like I finally belong somewhere… As the song goes…. I’m finally somewhere, where everyone knows my name.

Sometimes its ok to mess up

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6a0134892a790f970c0147e144b044970b-320wiYesterday I tended to my mother in law who got admitted to the hospital. Because I was with her, my husband offered to do the daily after school duties; pickup, homework and soccer practice.  My kindergartner brings home a worksheet every day for “homework”. Last night at dinner I asked her if she had completed it. My husband said, Yes, but it was wrong and he wanted to know if we could copy it or duplicate it so she could fix her mistake.  Kaili, my 5 year old, piped up and said “its a listening worksheet and I accidentally colored the wrong tree.”.

I said, “Well then, we are going to hand it in as is.”. “Why mommy?” I said “If its a listening worksheet and you didn’t listen then we need to hand it in. It’s ok to make a mistake, we just need to learn from it.”

Obviously, she was less than thrilled with me, but next time she will make sure she is listening!

#Hashtags are #Awesome

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Did you see the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake #hashtag video? Well, duh, of course you have.

So tonight I taught my kids the #hashtag hand gesture… LOL Yes I totally did :)


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