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Oh the things they say…..

My little Kaili Bug is celebrating her 5th birthday next week Thursday. Normally we don’t do a summer birthday party because there are so many variables with friends traveling or have guests, etc. However this year Kaili really wanted to have a party with her friends from VPK before she goes off to another school for Kindergarten.  She really (really, really, really) wanted to have a Build A Bear party. Which is actually pretty reasonable, saying what I usually spend for a party at home between food, games, bounce houses, prizes and decorations!

So we put together our guest list and called all the food court restaurants that partner with Build A Bear to finalize our party. With all the party talk, Kaili asked me “Mom, did anyone else refuse my birthday party?” I said “Oh, honey, its not refuse its RSVP!!” She laughs “Oh, thank goodness, I thought they were refusing to come”. LOL. Thats my little girl :)


Maliapalooza 2012

Yes, I understand that I just wrote about Kailipalooza but when you have two girls birthdays within a few weeks apart, we tend to have alot of paloozing around. I know what you are thinking……

So I may have mentioned before that since all of our birthdays are in the summer we only really have family parties. We try to KISS it (keep it simple stupid).  In years past, we spent Maliapalooza going to Kobe with her and her bestest 5 friends and they enjoy a nice dinner and show. However, this year Malia decided that she would like to ride all the roller coasters at Disney WITHOUT her little sister (we have season passes). We all talked and decided that we would like to stay a weekend out on that side of town.

Since staying in a Disney resort causes you to take another mortgage on your house, we tend to stay off property in the Lake Buena vista area.  Most of these hotels offer a shuttle service the parks so you can still get around Disney.

The hotel that we frequent was offering a summer stay special that would give you the 4th night free if you stayed 3 consecutive nights. We decided that myself and the girls would go on Wednesday and then we would trade daddy for Kaili on Friday. (Daddy had some appointments on Thursday and Friday and Kaili was staying with her Aunty during the birthday weekend). 

There truly isn’t anything like visiting a Disney park in August. Its crowded, hot and just plain unbearable, but we did it.. for Malia.  On Wednesday after we checked in we hit up Magic Kingdom.  We were able to do Pirates of the Caribbean and then Thunder Mountain Railroad.  This was Kaili’s first time on Thunder Mountain Railroad and our first time since they re-vamped it. WOOOHOO it was crazy, but we all had fun.

Thursday we hit up Hollywood studios and did several rides there. We left early afternoon to go and get refreshed at the hotel pool. We decided to head across the street to Downtown Disney for dinner and ended up at the T-Rex. It was alot of fun!

Friday we came back home and visited with our puppy and got daddy and took Kaili to grandmas.  We went back to the hotel and decided to have an early dinner. Since Malia is a BIG fan of steak we made reservations at the hotel’s steak restaurant. It was good and Malia enjoyed her kids prime rib.

After dinner, she convinced us to go to Magic Kingdom (again) for more roller coasters.  Our goal was Space Mountain but the wait is NEVER under 75 minutes :(  Guess, we will wait until the busy season is over! We did however do Barnstormer, Tea Cups and Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We got back to the hotel a little late but it was a much easier drive than driving all the way home!

Saturday was a big day (and her actual birthday)! We started at Hollywood Studios were we went straight to Tower of Terror. It was hers and mine first time on it and we weren’t sure what to expect. I thought it was a blast! She was a little shaken up but finally admitted she liked it :)  After that we hit up Star Tours.

We walked around for a little bit and then decided there wasn’t any other major “fun” rides. Her daddy was trying to convince her to do the Rock n Roller coaster but she is saying she isn’t’ ready for an upside down roller coaster…. I’ll eventually convince her LOL

Our next stop was Animal Kingdom where we ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  Then we went straight to Mt Everest, her most favorite ride EVER! The wait was only 30 minutes so we went for it (I know ONLY 30 minutes, but again this one is usually over 45!). It, of course, was so AWESOME! It truly is one of the best roller coasters I have ever been one.  Since the wait had gone up to 60 minutes, we decided to get Fast Passes to come back and in the meantime we would go to Kali River Rapids. We have never been on that ride. (Kaili has ONLY been able to go on most of these rides. She just passed the 40in mark. Had she been with us, she could have done it, but she wasn’t). We mostly stayed away from this ride because you get wet. Well wet is an understatement, WE GOT SOAKED! It was fun but we were literally dripping with water as we walked.  We figured it wouldn’t be so bad because our ‘wet’ drive to the hotel was a lot shorter than a ‘wet’ drive home.

When we finished it was just in time for our Fast Pass at Mt Everest! I love the Fast Pass! We were able to walk right on. We hoped the ride was dry us but nope we were too darn wet! After that we went on Dinosaur and well that will just scare anyone, even me!

Daddy decided to go back to the hotel so we could jump in the pool! Fortunately, unfortunately, as soon as we got to the hotel it started storming; thundering and lightning. We chilled out for awhile and then hit the Family sports bar at the hotel (it was still raining out). We all got some appetizers and played air hockey! It was the perfect end to Malia’s birthday!

Of course, just like her sister she is planning her next birthday. Double Digits, she says, has to be a BIG ONE! So stay tuned for Maliapalooza 2013 :)

Kailipalooza 2012

So this year Kaili turned 4! Oh what to do for her birthday. We toyed with every idea under the sun; princess party, Chuck E Cheese party, bowling, etc. We finally decided to have another trip to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at Walt Disney World. So we made our reservations for July 28th at the Downtown Disney store.

Her birthday is actually on July 25th so we had almost a week of celebrating. We started our day with lunch at Jimmy Johns where they treated her like a PRINCESS! When they found out we were celebrating her birthday, they gave us her sub for FREE, gave her a FREE cookie and had some of their employees come out and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She absolutely LOVED it!

Fast forward to Saturday and we planned a whole day at Disney all around her Bibbity Bobbity Boutique “spa” appointment.  First we started out by going to Animal Kingdom and went through the safari.  We got to see her favorite animal, the giraffe! After that we took our party to Downtown Disney to the World of Disney store where the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique is.  She was all dressed up in her Cinderella Wedding dress outfit that we got her for her birthday.  She was so excited to be made up as the real princess.

Our Fairy Godmother at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique was just absolutely wonderful! She talked to Kaili all about Jake and Pirates and all of her favorite princesses.  She took her time and gave Kaili a GREAT makeover. Kaili loved it and was just so thrilled with the way she looked! We had finished our makeover just in time for the Princess Parade through the Marketplace at Downtown Disney. We got a special invitation for Kaili to be in the parade. It started at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and all the girls who had makeovers or who just wanted to be a princess was invited to walk in the parade.

They started at the World of Disney and then walked to the carousel, where they were given a ride on the horses. There was about 7 girls total and they were taught how to wave like Princesses. All the stores had representatives that came out and cheered the Princesses on as they walked. It was a truly great experience.

After her makeover we went to Epcot where we rode Finding Nemo and had her birthday dinner at The Coral Reef restaurant.  The restaurant was ok, I would only give it like 3 out of 5 stars.  It seemed like there wasn’t a whole lot on the menu and even then the food came out cold and wasn’t too good. But all in all we had another great Kailipalooza! In true Kaili form she is already planning her next ‘dirbday’!

Small, Summer parties

Published by Mom on June 23rd, 2009 - in Party Planning

If you are like me, the summer is the worst time of the year! Here in Florida, today the heat index is 106 degrees….106!!  

So… during summer break its hard to find good activities INSIDE and AWAY from the heat, but also to amuse the kids.  Thats when I decided to host a Movie and snack party for a bunch of 5 year olds.  Its indoors, cool and the kids spend some time with their friends.

Its quite a simple little party. We had invited 6 kids, of which 5 showed up. We had some pizza (bought at our local Sams club) and some popcorn (from our local Publix).  We looked through our movie collection and decided on Kung Fu Panda.  After the kids ate Pizza, we laid out a blanket, turned the movie up REALLY LOUD and turned off the lights. To my amazement, the kids actually sat still, ate their popcorn and watched the movie ALL the way until the big fight scene at the end…

…then they tried to kung fu each other!!

Pirate Party on Skull Ship…

Published by Mom on September 29th, 2008 - in Party Planning

Whoa! It may be Sunday but I’m still trying to recoup from the last week and especially yesterday… Saturday was my daughter’s birthday pirate party. Her official birthday was in August but since we had a newborn in the house, we had agreed that we would postpone her birthday party until the end of September when mommy and daddy would be ready to host a birthday party.

We always tend to have more family and friends than kids, so our parties grow upwards of the 50 or so guests.  My daughter wanted to have a Pirates of the Caribbean party and I thought it was a GREAT idea! I have a tendacy to overdo party planning and LOVE themed parties. There is soo much you can do with a pirate party.

We started with the idea of making our home a pirate ship, so we planned the party for a late afternoon where it would start to get darker earlier. Since it is so close to halloween, we could find many skeletons and skulls, thus Skull ship was born.  We picked up so many decorations here and there from various party stores, halloween stores and most importantly the dollar stores.  Because Pirates are a big phenomenon right now we could find pirate accessories EVERYWHERE!!!

First we made our own invitations to look like a treasure map with various pirate sayings like “Beware”, “Don’t be marooned”, “Ahoy there mateys”, etc.  We took our treasure map and crumpled them up (my daughter loved that part) and then straightened them out to make torn and old.  We asked all the children to come dressed up as a pirate (and boy did they! The costumes were great!).  Friday night we started to decorate. Here are some tips that I used for decorations:

1. Plastic skulls around the house.
2. Skull and cross bones on mirrors and windows.
3. Plastic jeweled rings and plastic gold coins (found at a party store in the party favor aisle) scattered around tables and trays to look like pirate treasures.
4. Closed all the curtains and blinds in the house to make it dark and replaced light bulbs with black lights (to give it that eery feeling).
5. Handmade signs for doors that said “Beware! Do not enter” and for the bathrooms “Head”.
6. Handmade Pirate Code of Conduct sign for all guests to sign that had the rules of the “ship”

To keep the kids busy, I got some treasure map kits from Oriental Trading for a very low price. Each lil’ pirate was able to make their own treasure map with stickers on their own map paper. The kids loved it and they were able to take it home as a souvenir. We also had a treasure chest pinata and ‘pin the treasure’ on the X game. In between the activities we ate dinner and had cake.

For food we went with a cuban flair. We had roasted pork, white and yellow rice, black beans, fried plaintains, roasted chicken and fruit salad. For the picky kid eaters (such as my own) we had chicken nuggets and hotdogs. The kids had water bottles and capri suns and for the adults who dared, we made a rum punch.

Overall the party was a great success and everyone had a great time! We didn’t have time to do the presents, but no one seemed to noticed. We let her open them up after the guests who wanted to leave did. Most family and very close friends hung out for a while and watched her open her presents.

But fun was had by everyone! I worked what seemed like forever on planning, shopping and decorating for this party. I really could not have done it without my sister and husband who really let me boss them around for about two days…

My daughter absolutely LOVED the party and that alone makes it all worth it. Next time, though, I might think twice about a theme that involves swords and hooks!

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