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Princess Kaili

My 3 year old LOVES being a Princess. She has Disney Princesses everywhere in her room; owns almost all the Princess dress up dresses and refers to herself as Princess Kaili (ky-lee).  She even plays the part in real life. She is constantly in dresses (she has been in one pair of shorts this entire summer and even that only lasted about 3 hours).  And is always saying how “Fabulous……” she is LOL.

Well this year for her dirbday (thats what she calls a birthday. We all think its cute so its our birthday nickname now).  I got her the Cinderella Wedding Dress with matching lightup shoes! I scored this beautiful dress off of for 50% off! It was delivered about a month ago and her dirbday isn’t until July 25th so I have had to keep it well hidden.  Its driving me nuts because I want to just give it to her so bad!!

Since we are counting down the days to her dirbday, I told her last night night that I already got her dirbday gift. She was so excited. She asked me if its a Princess Dress… she knows me too well!

Last year her princess of choice was Tinkerbell.  She got the dress, the wings, the wand and the little cotton ball shoes.  We took her to Walt Disney World to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.  Where they transformed her in a classic princess.  She has decided to forgo a dirbday party this year to be transformed again, this time into a Cinderella Princess.  It really is a cool experience. She gets her nails done, make-up put on and her hair all dolled up.  Last year they did a couple of those at the same time and she just loved being pampered.  This year we are going back…. the best part is they give her a “Birthday Princess” sash and in true Disney form, every cast member says “Happy Birthday Princess”. She just loves all the attention :)

I’ll update this post once we get transformed into Cinderella for everyone to enjoy!

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Tinkerbell Stinkerbell

My youngest daughter turned 3 on Monday. As her birthday gift she is getting a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Walt Disney World in Orlando. As suggested by other Mothers who have “been down this road” before, they urged me to pre-buy our princess costume since the costume (and ALL its accessories) could end up costing an arm and a leg.

So……for the past 2 months, my little Princess has been “thinking” about which Disney Princess she would like to be. We (finally) decided that we would get her costume the day of her birthday with her boutique appointment on a weekend (so her daddy could go too). Well after the long awaited day, she finally chose TINKERBELL as her princess of choice. We checked Target and Toys R Us. NO SUCH LUCK. Finally, I knew I would need to drive down to Disney to get the outfit.

Monday morning, I was complaining to my husband about having to drive down to Downtown Disney to the World of Disney store to get the costume, when he reminded me that the Sanford Mall had a Disney store.

She was so excited that she was going to be getting her Tinkerbell costume. We walked into the store and she ran over to it and Yelled “MOM, they have Tinkerbell” and she just started grabbing everything off the shelf. Seriously, we were in that store for over an hour. She was in Princess heaven and she (apparently) thought her shopping trip had no budget, since she grabbed whatever she wanted off the shelves.

Well by the end of the shopping trip, we ended up with a Tinkerbell outfit, Tinkerbell shoes (which are slightly too big for her) and Tinkerbell Wings!

She absolutely loves her outfit. For the past three mornings, she has gotten up and immediately got dressed in her outfit. Whew this will be a looooong week, but definitely worth it!

Orlando’s Natural Theme Park

After our first week home for the summer and of course being completely “bored”, my husband and I decided to take the girls to Disney for the day. Our 2 year old has been asking to go to Epcot (not sure why, there’s not lots for her to do there) so we finally said ok.

On our way, we decided to go to a new Park- Wild Florida. The advertisement says its only 45 minutes from Disney so we thought that since we would be on that side of town.. why not? We put the address in the gps and was surprised to see that we were only a little over an hour away (from our home).

Once we got out there we were in just AWE by all the natural beauty. I personally have lived in Orlando all my life, but with all the tourist traps and commercialization, a State park was as close to nature as I usually get.

According to their website, Wild Florida is located on the shores of Cypress Lake, at the headwaters of the Everglades. The views were so pure and beautiful! It was truly what Natural Florida looks like.

Wild Florida offers a bird atrium, a sightseeing dock, airboat rides and pictures with alligators. On this particular day, we did not ride an airboat, but we will be back soon to do that! That is something that I have always wanted to do and Wild Florida seems like the perfect place to do so. They have a video posted on their site, click here to watch it.

We did, however, visit the birds, walk the property and then each of us held and posed with an alligator. Both of the girls (and even my husband) thought that was very cool.

The staff at Wild Florida was A-MAZING! The gentlemen who assisted us with the alligator and the pictures, was so nice and genuine. He made everyone laugh and feel comfortable holding a 45lb gator (his mouth was taped shut.. but I was still scared).

So my recommendation is to take the whole family to Wild Florida! You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter now for deals, ideas and/or coupons!

If you get out there, email me and let me know how it was!

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