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Thank you, Hour of Code.

No. Really Thank you.

I was so proud when my 6 year old claimed that she wanted to be a coder when she grows up. You see, her school participated in the Hour of Code this week at school and she coded her own game. I was happy because my husband and I own a web design and digital marketing agency in Orlando. We have always told the girls they could come work for us when they get older, to which they would cringe and tell us they didn’t want to work on websites. Now, my daughter wants to do what we do! I could not be happier. LOL here is how the conversation went……

K: Mom, I want to code, They said that if you are a coder you get to work in a cool office with a ping pong table.

Me: We code at work and we have a cool office.

K: But you don’t have a ping pong table. Plus they give you breakfast and lunch and these desks that move up and down so you can sit or stand up.

Me: Well, we have a TV, Christmas music and cool chairs that has a desk built in; you can even move the desk from the left or right depending on which hand you write with.

K: But mom these cool offices will do your LAUNDRY! Do you do laundry?

Me: Yes. I do your laundry and feed you breakfast, lunch AND dinner. So tell me how that office is any cooler than living here.

K: <facepalm> You just don’t get it. THEY HAVE A PING PONG TABLE.

Me: Are you talking about working at Google?

K: Mrs. Thomason says that at Google you get to play all day in your office.

(Well that explains all the changes in rankings.. LOL just kidding Google)

So, thank you, Hour of Code, for teaching my 6 year old that they ONLY cool place to code is a place with a ping pong table, desks that move, serves you breakfast and lunch and FREAKING does your launder.

Picking my battles…..

A long time ago, when I only had one kid to battle with, she had insisted on wearing a Snow White dress to my sisters college graduation. It was my fault, after all. I told her that she was going to get all pretty like a princess. Apparently, she went through her “princess” collection and decided on Snow White. When I was arguing with my 3 year old (now 11 year old) about changing her outfit, a little saying came to mind.

Pick your battles.

Well, in all honesty, this was a battle that really didn’t need to be fought. So I gave in and let her wear it. Of course, she was the cutest thing there and EVERYONE loved it. I just kept saying “Pick your battles, people. Pick your battles”.

Well yesterday I had to relive that moment, when my (now) 6 year old insisted on wearing a soccer jersey and soccer cleats (2 sizes too big, mind you) to her older sisters soccer practice. Of course, we had a few errands on the way, which included a trip to Best Buy. My oldest said she needed to go to the bathroom so I told her to take her sister. They both came running back and Kaili (my 6 year old) tripped. And. Fell. In her too big cleats. She kept complaining whenever she stepped on it saying how much she hurt. I used this moment as a “teachable” moment to teach her: 1. DO NOT RUN IN THE STORE 2. You should wear shoes that fit 3. Always listen to your mother.

photoWhen we got to soccer practice, Kaili had taken off her shoes. She said she just wanted to sit and watch soccer practice. I said I would carry her since she had no shoes. When I got her and put her in the back of the truck, her ankle was a big as a balloon. Of course, I took her to Centra Care so they could tell me she sprained her ankle. So right now she is on the R.I.C.E. plan…..

Man, it is tough to keep a 6 year old down.


Minecraft, sminecraft

Argh! I don’t know what it is about this game. My girls recently purchased the Xbox edition and that is ALL they want to do..I DON’T GET THE GAME! Who’s with me??

“Mom, can we play Xbox?” over and over and over and over and over.

Of course, I do get some extra chores out of it.

“Mom, can we play
?” “Sure, after you fold and put away the clothes on the couch.” “Ok.”

It seems like that is all they want to do. And since school has started they don’t seem to have that much time so I try to let them play a little after homework before dinner. They do seem to appreciate it.

Today we had planned on going swimming after school, but an afternoon thunderstorm sidelined that idea. So today I let them play minecraft while I did some computer work. I guess I never really listened to them. For two girls who are 5 years apart, they played minecraft and joked and laughed like they were best friends. It was so great to hear.

So maybe minecraft isn’t as bad as I always thought it was….




Practice Week 2014

Day 11, Post #12 #350blogging

Its that time of year again….


Ahhh, the week of getting up at 6am and getting ready for the day before 7am. We do it every year to help prepare us for the start of school. The funny thing is this year when I said next week was Practice week, both girls looked at me and rolled their eyes. They knew exactly what that meant LOL

Here are some other “Practice” Weeks:

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It’s that time of year again

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Back to School already… where did the summer go?


Scratch vs (a Fire breathing) Dragon

Day #4, Post #5- #350Blogging






Look out world. M is reading a book about computer coding. At this point in time, she has already created a game involving Scratch the cat and a fire breathing dragon.  For this kid it only takes a book to learn a new trade. Let’s just say that I bought her the book knowing what she was capable of.

My plan to take over the world is finally coming together…..mwahahahaha.


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