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A little lesson from Lee Harvey Oswald

Ok, if you read my blog you know that my daughter, Malia is an avid reader. Recently she read the [kids version] of Kennedy’s Last Day written by Bill O’Reilly. She read Lincoln’s Last Days last Christmas and enjoyed it, so when Kennedy’s story came out, she requested it from the library. Since she happened to be in the middle of The Hunger Game series, I stole the book and read it.  Well, since she is so darn competitive she absolutely had to read it next. We were comparing notes on the book, when she made this profound, mind blowing statement:

Malia: See that was Oswald’s problem
Me: who is Oswald?
Malia: Lee Harvey Oswald. See he wanted be great, but what he didn’t know is that you can’t go out and BE great, you just become great. The people who become great just wanted to be men.
Me: <mind blown>

I hope that she will take this life lesson with her always!! As I try to teach both of my girls, the most important thing to remember is to just be yourself!


A Lesson From Wreck It Ralph

Last Wednesday, we went and saw the new Disney movie Wreck It Ralph. It was so cute. In the movie, the characters treat Wreck It Ralph badly because he is a “bad guy”. Throughout the movie you find out he really is a good guy just trying to fit in.

The next day going to school, I decided to use Wreck It Ralph as a bullying mini lesson. We talked about how Ralph felt when he was left out and how we shouldn’t leave any of our friends out because it could hurt their feelings. We should all play together or invite others to play if it looks like they are alone.

I had previously mentioned to my 9 year old daughter that if people start to be a little mean, she should just “kill them with kindness”. When were talking about how if someone is a little mean to you, you should “Kill them with kindness” and they won’t understand why you are being so nice to them.

Kaili, my 4 year old, gasped and yelled “You shouldn’t KILL your friends, thats bullying!!!!”

At least she is understanding what bullying is…. LOL!

Tax-man: Candy style

So this Halloween we were sitting around the table eating dinner when my 9 year daughter and her friend ask who is taking them trick or treating. My husband says that the daddy’s are (my husband and our friend). HOWEVER, there would be a tax on the candy.

This actually turned into a good ‘tax’ lesson as we explained that we would need a percentage of the candy they got as their tax for taking them. They thought of every excuse in the book down to kicking and screaming. We told them it didn’t work for us around April 15th, wouldn’t work for them.

They said they just weren’t going to pay the tax. We told them if they didn’t pay then they would have to pay their share PLUS penalties and interest.

They tried negotiating! We said sorry, the tax limit was set by the Halloween administration that was in effect last year.

Finally my daughter turns to her friend and says “Here’s the plan. We collect a million pieces of candy. I heard there are tax breaks for millionaires.”

LOL- At least I know she listening to all the political talk….

Mommy do you go to work?

Now I’m not sure if you have read it before or not, but my husband and I own an Internet Marketing and Web Design business. We have had it since 2005, so pretty much as long as my girls have known we have had our own business.

Up until this past May I was working in the office.  I would work while the girls were at school; my mother in law would pick them up from school and I would come home when the work day was over.  Whenever daddy has to work at night or on the weekends, they know hes ‘at the office’.  Heck they have spent numerous hours in the conference room watching YouTube or playing on the computer. They know it all well.

This past summer I moved my computer stuff home so I could work from home and be with the girls during the summer. Since my oldest daughter was starting a new Catholic school this fall (about a 30-40 minute drive from home) and my youngest would be in VPK at her current preschool (about 10 minutes from home). We figured it would be best if I just stayed and worked from home.  I do all the accounting and that is something I can do from anywhere.

It really has worked out best though! With our schedule, I am pretty much driving kids to and from places all day. Plus volunteering at the new school (I need to get hands on and see what I’m dealing with…..LOL).

So today it was quite funny when I had this conversation with my 4 year old:

Me: Kaili, we have to stop by the office to drop some stuff off today.

Kaili: Yours and daddy’s office? Is he there?

Me: Yes, hes there.

Kaili: Mom do you still work there?

Me: Yes, but I do my work at home?

Kaili: How come you don’t go into work anymore?

Me: Because mommy is soooo busy driving you and your sister to and from school; ballet; soccer; friends house.

Kaili: (Laughing hysterically) HAHAHAHAHAHAH mom thats a good one. Why do you REALLY not go to work?

Me: Its not funny its true.

Kaili: HAHAHAHAHAHA ok mom thats really funny

I stopped trying after that…….

Sidenote: This is one of my favorite ‘Mommy’ TV scenes, because its like my real life LOL:

Things you never thought you would say

Today I said this and then thought… Did I really say that?

“Malia, please don’t use your sister as a moving target.” This was said after I saw that Malia was making Kaili run back and forth while Malia had her new Nerf air blaster with suction cups.  Of course, Kaili thought it was cool and had no problem running back and forth for Malia.

Oh Geez! What have I gotten myself into…….

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