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Thank you, Hour of Code.

No. Really Thank you.

I was so proud when my 6 year old claimed that she wanted to be a coder when she grows up. You see, her school participated in the Hour of Code this week at school and she coded her own game. I was happy because my husband and I own a web design and digital marketing agency in Orlando. We have always told the girls they could come work for us when they get older, to which they would cringe and tell us they didn’t want to work on websites. Now, my daughter wants to do what we do! I could not be happier. LOL here is how the conversation went……

K: Mom, I want to code, They said that if you are a coder you get to work in a cool office with a ping pong table.

Me: We code at work and we have a cool office.

K: But you don’t have a ping pong table. Plus they give you breakfast and lunch and these desks that move up and down so you can sit or stand up.

Me: Well, we have a TV, Christmas music and cool chairs that has a desk built in; you can even move the desk from the left or right depending on which hand you write with.

K: But mom these cool offices will do your LAUNDRY! Do you do laundry?

Me: Yes. I do your laundry and feed you breakfast, lunch AND dinner. So tell me how that office is any cooler than living here.

K: <facepalm> You just don’t get it. THEY HAVE A PING PONG TABLE.

Me: Are you talking about working at Google?

K: Mrs. Thomason says that at Google you get to play all day in your office.

(Well that explains all the changes in rankings.. LOL just kidding Google)

So, thank you, Hour of Code, for teaching my 6 year old that they ONLY cool place to code is a place with a ping pong table, desks that move, serves you breakfast and lunch and FREAKING does your launder.

Middle School Dances

My oldest daughter started middle school last week. We have all been very anxious about what middle school brings (I don’t want my baby to grow up too fast). One of the BIG things in the 6th grade is the introduction of school dances. She doesn’t seem like she wants to show how excited she is about it, but I know she is.

The other day at dinner M and Tom had the following conversation:

M: “I heard that the DJ is really loud at school dances.”

Tom: “Dances?!?! (acts surprised) geez when do these start?”

M: “I think in like 2 weeks.”

Tom: “So what goes on at these dances.”

M: “Well my friends and I will probably all stand on the side of the room.”

Yup. That is probably exactly what will happen. Her daddy couldn’t have been prouder.

Priorities of a kid

Day 9, Post #10 #350blogging

M: Mom, when I think about what makes me happy, I think of puppies, chocolate and the Hulk (roller coaster)

Me: What about steak?

M: hmmmm, ok replace puppies with steak. Steak, chocolate and The Hulk. Yeah that works.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Day #5, Post #6- #350Blogging

“Why yes Mrs. L, my mom DID sign my homework.”






This picture got quite the attention on Facebook. It was from the end of the year last school year, so probably May-ish. It was early in the morning and we were packing backpacks.

K: “Mom, you didn’t sign my homework.”
Me: “Ok honey, give me a second. I’m still packing lunches”
Moments later…..
K: “Oh, don’t worry about it mom, I took care of it.”
Me: “You what?”
K: “I signed your name. Its OK.”
Me: (looking at the sheet). “OK its good. Go ahead and turn it in. Mrs. L will love it!”

Apparently everyone on Facebook thought it was great! Damn, kid. As long as she doesn’t learn how to spell my first name, I should be able to catch her forging my signature…..


Oh the things they say…..

My little Kaili Bug is celebrating her 5th birthday next week Thursday. Normally we don’t do a summer birthday party because there are so many variables with friends traveling or have guests, etc. However this year Kaili really wanted to have a party with her friends from VPK before she goes off to another school for Kindergarten.  She really (really, really, really) wanted to have a Build A Bear party. Which is actually pretty reasonable, saying what I usually spend for a party at home between food, games, bounce houses, prizes and decorations!

So we put together our guest list and called all the food court restaurants that partner with Build A Bear to finalize our party. With all the party talk, Kaili asked me “Mom, did anyone else refuse my birthday party?” I said “Oh, honey, its not refuse its RSVP!!” She laughs “Oh, thank goodness, I thought they were refusing to come”. LOL. Thats my little girl :)


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