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Vaccinations, doctors and kids! Oh My!

Published by Mom on September 18th, 2008 - in Baby Stories

For most parents, time to get the vaccinations is a terrible time. If you think that you child will forget what happened to them at the doctors office last year, think again. Because of the most updated vaccination schedules these days, most wellness visits include shots of some kind.

Because my first daughter was starting kindergarten this year, she had to have the MMR, tetanus and polio vaccinations. Unfortunately for me, her wellness visit was scheduled (because of insurance reasons) after the time she was scheduled to start kindergarten. Luckily the doctors office was able to give her the shots prior to our visit so she would not be held up for school because of THREE vaccinations.

So when September 10th came, I prepared my young princess for her 5 year old wellness visit. I told her that the doctor would weigh her, see how tall she was, check her blood pressure and check her eyesight. Since she had her shots already, she was calm but anxious to see the doctor. Unfortunately, because of the time of year (before winter) and since we have an infant in the house, it was STRONGLY recommended that we all (my husband, my daughter and I) receive the flu vaccination to indirectly protect my second daughter (who would be unable to receive the flu vaccination until she was 6 months old; she currently is 8 weeks).

After the doctor checked her out and spoke with me (and I must say repeated over and over again that she would only be receiving the flu shot today) my little princess looked at me and asked if we were leaving. “No I said you need to get one more shot”.

OMG! You would have thought that I would have just run over her puppy Shasta (another story, I will explain in another blog). She screamed out loud and at the top of her lungs. Even though we were in a room by ourselves, I’m sure the people in the parking lot heard her. I tried to calm her down by doing the chicken dance and that only resulted in half laugh/ half cries, but gee whiz, she kept screaming!

Finally the nurse came in to administer the shot and my daughter (no longer the princess) grabbed on the chair for dear life. I calmly asked her to please get up on the bench for the nurse; she refused. So I put the baby down and said “I will put you on the bench myself if I have to”. The nurse tried everything and all the while she was screaming “I don’t want to. I won’t get shots today”. The nurse looked at her and said “We could do this the hard way or the easy way”.  My daughter stopped screaming and ever so calmly looked at the nurse and said “Whats the easy way?” Are you serious?????? “The easy way is that you get yourself to the bench!” I replied. That was not the answer she was looking for!

She started screaming again and this time the nurse said “You get the arms and I will get the legs!” We had to grab her like a rotisserie chicken and put her on the bench and I had to literally hold her down for a milli-second shot.

Afterwards was the best! She had to hold up her pant leg and walk with a limp because it was sooooo horrible. As I always do after shots, I told her that I would get her some frozen yogurt once we got home. She ate it all!!

Before bedtime that night, I asked her how her shot was doing. She said “Its great! That ice creams helps so much!”

Whatever! I think I was just played by a 5 year old!

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