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Girls Trip

Day #7, post #8 #350blogging

Day 7 found us in the car. For 14 hours. Why you ask? We decided to take a “Girls” Trip to our Nations Capital, Washington D.C. We left Longwood, FL around 5:45 AM. With 5 girls in the car, we hardly made it out of the state before stopping for our first bathroom break.  But we made it to DC around 8pm.

We stayed in Dupont Circle, a quant little city right out of downtown. It was tricky working the Metro system but we soon became pros. Our first day in, we walked around a found a great little Italian Kitchen that had pizza (for the kids) and GREAT Margaritas (for my mom and I). It was a long day but we are excited to start sightseeing!



Need. Rest. Sleep. Now.

Day #6, post #7 #350blogging

You know how I know summer vacation is coming to an end? Because all my commitments are starting to come out of the woodwork.

I’ll admit, I got quite comfortable with sleeping in until 7:30, driving a kid to camp, coming home, doing some work, getting a pedicure, going for a swim or reading a book. Now that’s not all I did, I also did work. But I had no volunteer or major work commitments!

Today was an exception, however, this exception has made me so tired. Today I went to Downtown Orlando with the character of one of our companies, Captain Content. We wanted to get some video and pictures of him in and around Downtown Orlando. It was a great time…. however, brilliance takes time LOL. If he wasn’t so darn HOT in the costume, I could have stayed out all day.


Once we got back to the office, I didn’t have the right cable for my camera so I had to go home to download the photos. Getting home around 2:25pm, I realized that K was having her dance camp summer recital at 3pm. I had just enough time to download the videos, burn the cd and RUN (not walk) out the door. I made it to the recital a little late. I only missed the first song.

THEN….. my dad asked if the girls wanted to come over and go swimming with him. I said “Yes!!!! I’ll drop them off before I go back to the office.” So thankful that my parents are so flexible. I dropped off both kids to go swimming and then headed to work. This was the first time in a few months that I had such a busy, funfilled packed day. I don’t usually run from one appointment to the next until school starts. Guess its starting a little early this year… sigh.

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Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Day #5, Post #6- #350Blogging

“Why yes Mrs. L, my mom DID sign my homework.”






This picture got quite the attention on Facebook. It was from the end of the year last school year, so probably May-ish. It was early in the morning and we were packing backpacks.

K: “Mom, you didn’t sign my homework.”
Me: “Ok honey, give me a second. I’m still packing lunches”
Moments later…..
K: “Oh, don’t worry about it mom, I took care of it.”
Me: “You what?”
K: “I signed your name. Its OK.”
Me: (looking at the sheet). “OK its good. Go ahead and turn it in. Mrs. L will love it!”

Apparently everyone on Facebook thought it was great! Damn, kid. As long as she doesn’t learn how to spell my first name, I should be able to catch her forging my signature…..


Scratch vs (a Fire breathing) Dragon

Day #4, Post #5- #350Blogging






Look out world. M is reading a book about computer coding. At this point in time, she has already created a game involving Scratch the cat and a fire breathing dragon.  For this kid it only takes a book to learn a new trade. Let’s just say that I bought her the book knowing what she was capable of.

My plan to take over the world is finally coming together…..mwahahahaha.



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Day #3, Post #4- #350Blogging

LOL Not what you are thinking.

Its…. Thank God For Uniforms

10338763_10204292893511041_8530038239641231695_nHere is a prime example of why I am so thankful that my kids go to a school that requires uniforms. If I let my little fashionista “be free” this is what she would look like ALL. THE. TIME. If I didn’t let her “be free” we would be fighting ALL. THE. TIME.

So during the summer, she can “be free”. The other 180 days, she has to wear a uniform.

Thank. You. God.


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