Back to School already… where did the summer go?

Published by Mom on August 12th, 2009 - in All that other Stuff

When I was younger, the first day of school always called for my dad singing “Back to school….. Back to school…. to prove to daddy that I’m not a fool” in his best Billy Madison Voice. So every time I hear back to school, I hear him singing it in my head.

Last year my oldest was in Kindergarten so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But I can say (and I have read a many mom’s blogs saying the same thing) that getting back into our routine is hard. For us school doesn’t start until August 24th. So we are already prepared that next week will be OUR week to get back into routine. We have had a fun summer of relaxation, hanging out and doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted (I say this as its 11am and I am still sitting in my pajamas).

But for us getting ready for back to school isn’t just getting back into routine, its about getting prepared; school supplies, school shoes, school clothes, school lunches….. and thats just my oldest! I tried to be good throughout the summer, buying a school bag and lunch bag 6 weeks ago, buying (most) school supplies 3 weeks ago, buying school schoes (BTW Stride Rite- Fall special buy one get the other for 50%) last weekend; but no matter how prepared I tried to be, it still seems to be inching closer and closer….

So today our plan is to go through every piece of old clothing. Since my daughter grows like a weed, something that fit last week, doesn’t mean it will fit this week. So before we go out and buy some NEW school clothes, we are going to go through all our old clothes (socks and panties too) and see what fits. Then we can start fresh!

Next week, we plan to start going to bed at “school” bedtime (mommy and daddy too), wake up at school time and practice riding our bikes to school. –> Sidenote: My oldest JUST learned to ride without training wheels so shes nervous about the ride, so we said we would practice. Also, my one year old is now old enough to ride in a bike trailer, so my bike is at the shop getting fixed and ready to attach the bike trailer, so I too, want to practice.

We will also be writing out our school lunches and dinners, so we can go to the store and get everything we need to make our transition even easier.

Here are some other helpful articles that has plenty of tips for getting ready for school: ORGANIZING YOUR CHILDREN’S CLOTHES FOR SCHOOL and Back-to-school advice or the search to make the new school year close to perfect (crazy, I know)

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Good Luck for your and your little ones!!

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